September 2017: What's mumgetmum? I mean, what's momentum?

Bloggity Blog: What’s mumgetmum? I mean, what’s momentum? 

You may or may not have obtained your Pinot Noir form the grapevine in recent weeks, which could mean there’s a 50/50 chance you’ve heard I’m preparing for a show. A…

Bloggity Blog May 2017: Defining Entrepreneur

It’s like I always say: a new year, a new project. Wait, did I say that? Maybe I dreamt it. Never mind, I like to give things a crack, so watch me go! Anyone following me on Facey has probably…

"I forgot to go to Tamworth, but I have a good excuse!"

Bloggity Blog: February 2016 

"I forgot to go to Tamworth, but I have a good excuse!"

Perhaps I need to start this update with an apology? To all my loyal 'bastards', who've taken a pledge to join my shenanigans…

"Off The Radar!" Bloggity Blog, November 2015

You've been having thoughts. Uncertain thoughts. Wondering whether you've been ignorant and completely missed something or whether you're actually so attentive and loyal to the cause, that you're impression is right on the money..?

Well, relax. You're not going…

"Start Ya Bastard!" OUTBACK TOUR 2015

Well, hello there! Wondering what's happening in my crazy world are ya?
The answer is PLENTY! It's once again time for me to hit the road and all I have to say about it is - F**k yeah!

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