Bloggity blogging through tired eyes, as the tour wraps up! June 2015

Hi Folks!
Wow! After our fourth month on the road, we are finally in countdown mode, looking forward to home's creature comforts! In recent days, we've crossed the border into South Australia, leaving the warmth of the NT and it's people behind and we've begun reflecting most affectionately on the shows, the folks, the sights and the experiences that the last month has given us. We have enjoyed every minute of our time spent up north, even the sleepless nights donated by a teething young crew member and the hangovers resultant from consuming around 3 litres too many in iconic places like Adelaide River and Daly Waters! And yes, I do mean 3 litres of red wine! "Yuck!" is correct my friends! :-S

Despite creating many, many memories, there are bound to be favourites, just like my fond recollection of 'laying' my old man down to sleep on his caravan floor (which also translates to: dropping him there after carrying him some 300m home from the hotel!) This memory, among others, will remain mine forever, to be openly reproduced and exploited whenever and wherever I deem appropriate! Thanks Dad! And then, of course, there's those memorable show moments when punters will effortlessly evoke my quickest wit or unknowingly offer material for my new album! To those folks, I say a big "thank you!"

In 2013, our shitty traveler's luck overshadowed much of the good vibe created when we brought the show to WA's rural and remote areas. It felt like everything combined to make life, well, hard! This time around, I can confidently report that everything's combined much more positively and we've had one hell of a ripper tour! Our final public show was hosted by the good folk of Tennant Creek and it was a cracker! These days, I'm learning to gauge things by the number of off-duty coppers joining me on the 'sauce' after each show; and Tennant Creek, well, let's just say the lengthy drive to Alice the next day was a little seedy!?

This week, we will take the show deep into a world I've been itching to visit for quite some time: mine site mess hall madness baby! Employees at Prominent Hill Mine in remote South Aus will be 'starting the bastard' with me, before we hotfoot it home to the big smoke of Albury-Wodonga! I am, perhaps surprisingly, very excited about returning to my daytime trade for the next little while (oh and getting to be a Mum in one, familiar place for the first time in nearly half a year!) and although we will continue bringing the 'Start Ya Bastard' show to areas not yet 'started' in the Eastern states, I will spend the coming months compiling material and recording and releasing new music for the next installment; the sequel show and album (apparently I'm not allowed to release the name yet! boo! but watch this space folks!) I can't wait to release my latest tracks online for everyone to enjoy; it will mean those folks I've been 'treating' at the live shows in recent months, won't be the only ones who get to enjoy the new goodies! Soon, everyone will be able to! Yay for digital music releases I say!

I could continue raving on and on (as I so love to do!), but as we prepare to wrap this tour, I really only need say one thing: THANK YOU. Thanks to all you folks out there in the bush, especially those of you living far from major highways, in what many entertainers deem 'inaccessible' areas. You all thank ME for coming to play in your areas, but it is YOU who needs thanking! You and your communities make Australia the amazing place that it is and your willingness to support a young (just had to throw that in there to make myself feel good on a seedy morning!), independent and original entertainer, is the reason I'll keep doing what I do! So, thanks!

Until next time, over 'n out! LE xx

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  • Ethel Rafferty
    Ethel Rafferty Leeton
    Well done Louise and well said.

    Well done Louise and well said.

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