BLOGGITY BLOG BLOG BLOG - from South Australia! March 2015

Hi folks!
I figured it was about time I checked in, so here I am, sitting (indoors, 'cause fuck it's windy in the caravanning world today!) on my lapdance - I mean laptop - blogging away! So far, we have enjoyed a fun-filled fortnight of touring. We've driven a handful of miles (well, the meager distance to date will seem like only a handful l'm sure, by the time we're done with this road trip!), played a couple of shows to balance ourselves with reality and to keep the bank manager happy and we've met some crackin' folks along the way!

Right now, we find ourselves perched on the foreshore of glorious Streaky Bay, on the west coast of South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, after having 'started the bastard' in Port Lincoln and Ceduna in recent days. I must admit, I feel especially lucky to have made it to Streaky, as I was certain at one point during Thursday's show, that I would find myself in the Ceduna lock-up come Friday morning! Never before have I played a show to a crowd containing an entire table of police officers - and shit wasn't it fun! With this month's bloggity blog, you will see a limited edition photograph of me, enjoying my time as an honourary South Australian snorter. I mean copper! Perhaps the local police sergeant will regret befriending such a loose canon!? Ah well, too fuckin' late now! Anyway, I have decided it is now imperative that I either write, cover or destroy some kind of law enforcement tune! Consider the "to do" list updated!

Whilst 'stationed' in Streaky, we will enjoy the hospitality of the area's streaking locals and we'll play shows at both the local watering hole (who have sold a shitload of pre-sale tickets - woohoo! go me!) and the race course (during the locals' 'wind down' shindig, following their annual race day). Given that I will celebrate a birthday during our stay (yes, the secret is out, I'm almost 19!), I may even grow enough balls to treat myself to a ride on a big fat boat and a dip in the scary Southern Ocean with some marine life!? Or I may just treat myself to another carton of piss. Who knows what touristy delights the week will offer me? Stay tuned I guess. And don't go gettin' disappointed if the next bloggy update reveals boring reports of a hangover rather than sea worthy adventures! I ain't promising any ball-growing to nobody just yet!

Anyhoo, until my next bog, I mean blog... Keep smiling, keep cursing and keep startin' the bastard each and every day, 'cause after all, we're a long time 6 feet under!
Over 'n out! LE xx

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