Bloggity Blog Blog, Bog, Blog. Yep, SHITloads of fun being had! May 2015

Just call me the janitor, 'cause I have hit Broome baby!
We're as far north now as any trek has ever taken us & needless to say, we're 'Big Kev' excited about it! (Does anyone else unfortunately remember that guy!? Uuurrgh! And to think I've erased so many useful brain cells over the years! Doh!) Now more than half way through the tour, we have commenced the countDOWN, as opposed to the countONWARD (well at least I have, I know Squidlet knows no different and The Squid is 'happy go lucky' each and every day, as long as "HIS caravan" is towing safely behind "HIS cruiser" and the intended destination has "some tables and some seats" (Don't even go there folks, I know exactly what you're all thinking - somehow I bred the King of Random and given his royalty, he's doing exceptionally well for a three year old, having obtained an impressive eight-wheeled outfit with which to spend his days touring the country!?)
It's no surprise that recent weeks have treated us well, with loads of fun, great gigs, great weather and great people! We've celebrated a 3rd birthday within our crew, explored the amazing waters of Coral Bay (where we also stumbled across some interesting nudie and frisky foreign folk!), played a few shows of course and even commenced work on our own tan lines - the "I've had two curtain climbers" kind!

TV coverage has been in and out across our travels, but in recent days we've had just enough coverage and interest to take in the news bulletins of a morning. Here's what I've concluded: The Sheila from Sunrise is cheating! She's well and truly overtaken us now (not that we're even into racing or anything, pfft), but I checked out the freaking map (knowing this tour would take us right through the journey she's supposedly clocking up) and the bitch is taking planes to the most remote parts of the Kimberley! I can't afford that shit! And even if I did abscond and enjoy myself a joyride above the most remote gorges of this beautiful country, who would feed my gut-ravaged 'she only presents food every 30 minutes' toddler and my enormous excuse for an eight month old? #jealousmuchrighthere

Recently, Kalbarri, Denham, and Port Hedland have treated us to some ripper shows. Since our last trek west in 2013, I have held fond memories of Port Hedland and it's residents, as I often lovingly recall our last meeting and the impact it had on me. One 90 minute show made its mark as a time of significant growth for me as a performer. I vividly recall the moment my act went from an MA15+ rating to an R, as 100+ people joined me in using a noun that up until that point, I wasn't sure I'd say. You guessed it - we declared someone a 'crunt'. Or something similar anyway. Ahhh, memories!  And this tour certainly hasn't disappointed. Still love your work north-west WA!

This time around, we managed to get ourselves past the dreaded Pannawonica turn-off, a fair way south of Karratha (anyone recall the disaster of 2013?). We pulled in for a little role play fun and a 9am memorial stubby to honour the old 80series cruiser that will be forever etched in our nightmares (see fota below!).

This week we are looking forward to seeing the sights of Broome and playing the infamous Divers Tavern of Cable Beach on Sunday! Who knows, maybe I'll get to see more of the Kimberley than I anticipate? If I can just con someone into letting me onboard their plane!? Hmmmmm.....mission set!

From here, we will put the pedal to the metal to reach the east Kimberley 'gem' of Kununurra next weekend! Another fabulous spot to 'start the bastard', we just cannot wait! Anyway, until next month folks, bottoms up! ..glug, glug, glug...
Over 'n out! LE xx


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