Bloggity Blog from Western Australia's beautiful Coral Coast! April 2015

Well, hello again! This time I greet you from WA's amazing coral coast, as I shoo umpteen flies from my personal space (I can't even begin to describe how incredibly thick and sticky these little bastards are! Apparently they have made their home in the region following the last tropical cyclone? And I'm not just being a whinger; seriously, the locals can't even bear the little pricks! Anyone seen NOT wearing a fly net over their face is affectionately known as a 'fucktard' - and yes, that was me until yesterday!).

Just days ago we started the bastard in Kalbarri and what a marvellous little patch of dirt that place is! Enjoyed me a wonderful pizza from some very friendly locals - Hi Simone! - and didn't we need it after the atrocity that was Kalgoorlie-Boulder's "wood fired pizzas" (more like "wanker fucked piles of shit"). On ya, Rec Hotel - not! Tomorrow, we will crank out the naughty tunes again here in Denham, before we feed the dolphins at Monkey Mia and make our way further north to see the beautiful Ningaloo Reef (yes, I know, aren't we a pack of typical little tourists, seeking out all these worldly experiences and such! Speaking of which, this month really has spoiled us when it comes to God's wonders: we've seen the beautiful coastline in Esperance, The Pinnacles, The Stromatolites, and even spotted a cranky looking emu yesterday! Hell, we were even blessed with a 'Fanny Mechanic' truck back in SA - my life is complete!

It's no surprise that WA provides me with plenty of inspiration, but I'm starting to wonder what I was smoking when I decided touring with the squids would be a fab idea? Especially since one of them is currently tugging my laptop cord and the other just woke up squawking his head off. Needless to say, my brain is now frantically trying to complete this blog before it implodes at the sound of their grumpy moods! I endured my most embarrassing parenting moment a few days ago and it's already made it's way into a partially complete song. Now if I could just get me a few minutes away from these darling little turds, I'll be able to work my magic and finish the hit that will be "My Kids Shit in the Pool"!

Until next month, keep it real mofos! Oh shit, sorry, this is not my gangster, rap-bitch website is it!? I guess I'll just sign off like a normal human being then - cheerio!

Over 'n out! LE xx

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