"Off The Radar!" Bloggity Blog, November 2015

You've been having thoughts. Uncertain thoughts. Wondering whether you've been ignorant and completely missed something or whether you're actually so attentive and loyal to the cause, that you're impression is right on the money..?

Well, relax. You're not going crazy, because the latter is in fact correct - this little foul-mouthed duck HAS been off the radar! (Like the pun there? Foul? Duck? Good one ay!?) After returning home from our 4 month tour through SA, WA and the NT, I decided to take a breather. The intent was to REgroup, to REturn to reality, to REenter the workforce in my 'other' capacity and of course to get REcording! As avid SYB supporters, you'll be pleased to learn that we have ticked each of these boxes and it's now time to get crackin' on some shows for the Eastern side of the country!

2016 will see "The Last of the 'Start Ya Bastard' Tours" tour 'our' side of the country and then wrap, before the next installment is polished and ready to roll out! My ridiculously talented producer has 5x tracks under works AS I WRITE THIS (fuck yeah!) & although we may not quite make our goal of releasing them before the fat man hoes his way down the chimney; rest assured, we will have these new little babies ready for your enjoyment very soon after! See, I'm much more considerate than some give me credit for - I'm giving you all a chance to rest and recoup after the silly season, before you load yourselves up again with party-style tucker and grog, celebrating the awesomeness of gems like "The Fanny Mechanic" and "Nanna's On The Cones"!

As you patiently await the release of what will be the world's most memorable songs for 2016, I'll make you all a promise - You will love them!
Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next lot of public SYB shows (hopefully coming your way!) and keep smiling, singing and drinking your way into this year's festive season! 'Cause here it comes!

Over 'n out! LE xx

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