An artist and a performer unlike any you’ve known, her life experience alone yields a wealthy catalogue of creativity. Add to that her ability to transform perception into raw entertainment, and you’ve walked yourself into one hell of a good time! Whether its her on-stage comedic antics or the vigour with which she’ll deliver a classic tune, Louise Egan will drop your jaw, leaving within it a taste you didn’t even realise you’d been missing - the taste of the words you will forever speak:



Louise's first musical release, "Chasing Sound", brought a healthy mix of tongue-in-cheek alongside some deeper-themed originals. Shortly afterward, the world was introduced to a collection of more outrageously-themed comedy songs with the release of "Start Ya Bastard”.



The Start Ya Bastard album broke down barriers for leggy blonde comedic songwriters everywhere (because there’s so many!? *cough cough*). This collection of unapologetically naughty tunes showed the world that there are no holds barred with this lass. Whether taking on the persona of an undisciplined child, telling descriptive stories of men who’d probably rather she wouldn’t observe their behaviour, or depicting the universal joy that is a good fart, Louise demonstrated just how unafraid she is when it comes to lyric content. Guaranteed head-turning tracks include the widespread anthem 'The Bullies’ and the outrageously observant 'Long Wait Chinese’ - each considered rare gems in a world that needs more empowerment and less political correctness.



Overcoming adversity to bring a new era of outrageous comedy and creativity, the latest projects include:

The long-awaited, global release of “The Fanny Mechanic”



A taste of her reality in a solo-parenting nomad life…

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Over the years, many a good time to write home about (and a lifetime of fun still to come!)

Support artist - Jimmy Barnes, Vanessa Amorosi, Adam Brand, Adam Harvey,

Beccy Cole, Jetty Road, and The Sunny Cowgirls.

Toyota Star Maker (finalist)

NSW Australian Hotels Association Best Pub Song Competition (3rd place prize winner)

Blue Shoe Awards ‘Best Comedy Song’ (Top 5 Finalist)

Tamworth Songwriters Association (TSA) National Country Songwriting Contest (semi-finalist)

Australian Independent Music Video Awards “Best Music Video (Regional)”

“Start Ya Bastard” tours Australia-wide


Alongside the birth of her biological children came the birth of an album and a live show so gripping and outrageous that even prudish Aunt Martha couldn’t help giggling!

Louise has toured “Start Ya Bastard!” to many remote corners of our big red land and there’s no sign she’ll be giving it up! With new material ever-evolving and a bucket of life’s laughs to share with comedy lovers everywhere, you best be bracing yourselves for a show in your own stomping ground.

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