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 Welcome to the world of playing one more…and then telling the punters it's time to piss off!


Louise Egan presents a fresh style of comedy music that proves entertaining across many ages and interests.
Her extensive repertoire comprises laugh-out-loud original material, as well as unique and 'naughty' covers of international country, pub rock and pop styles of music. Forget your favourites and any hit song you thought you knew - Louise will chew them up and spit them out in a completely unforgettable manner!

Check out the incredibly popular "Start Ya Bastard!" album and her latest single release tracks, including the unforgettably REAL 'The Fanny Mechanic', currently available via digital download! They're hilari
arsely naughty!



Latest News

September 2017: What's mumgetmum? I mean, what's momentum? 

Bloggity Blog: What’s mumgetmum? I mean, what’s momentum? 

You may or may not have obtained your Pinot Noir form the grapevine in recent weeks, which could mean there’s a 50/50 chance you’ve heard I’m preparing for a show. A local show. A tried and true ‘Start Ya Bastard’ show, but in lots of ways – a different show. In Bastard Town, we have this long-standing motto of sorts– give the local supporters a decent taste of the tour every couple of years. After all, they’re the folks who say ‘Hi!” on the rare…

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Bloggity Blog May 2017: Defining Entrepreneur  

It’s like I always say: a new year, a new project. Wait, did I say that? Maybe I dreamt it. Never mind, I like to give things a crack, so watch me go! Anyone following me on Facey has probably noticed that the most regular of my gigs in recent months has not been my comedy shows. Lately, there’s a little known act pulling rank: ‘Last Chance Clancy’. There are a few reasons for this new project, the most noteworthy of which is those two preschool-aged ‘natural disasters’ under my feet. ‘Returning’ to the…

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"I forgot to go to Tamworth, but I have a good excuse!" 

Bloggity Blog: February 2016 

"I forgot to go to Tamworth, but I have a good excuse!"

Perhaps I need to start this update with an apology? To all my loyal 'bastards', who've taken a pledge to join my shenanigans each and every Tamworth festival. Yes, I was MIA this year, but you'll be pleased to know it was with good cause and I PROMISE you right now, some 11months ahead, that next year's TCMF won't be without me! 

I'd provide a list a mile long (if I wanted to bore you) detailing the ins and outs of my…

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"Off The Radar!" Bloggity Blog, November 2015 

You've been having thoughts. Uncertain thoughts. Wondering whether you've been ignorant and completely missed something or whether you're actually so attentive and loyal to the cause, that you're impression is right on the money..?

Well, relax. You're not going crazy, because the latter is in fact correct - this little foul-mouthed duck HAS been off the radar! (Like the pun there? Foul? Duck? Good one ay!?) After returning home from our 4 month tour through SA, WA and the NT, I decided to take a breather.…

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Bloggity blogging through tired eyes, as the tour wraps up! June 2015 

Hi Folks!
Wow! After our fourth month on the road, we are finally in countdown mode, looking forward to home's creature comforts! In recent days, we've crossed the border into South Australia, leaving the warmth of the NT and it's people behind and we've begun reflecting most affectionately on the shows, the folks, the sights and the experiences that the last month has given us. We have enjoyed every minute of our time spent up north, even the sleepless nights donated by a teething young crew member and the…Read more

Bloggity Blog Blog, Bog, Blog. Yep, SHITloads of fun being had! May 2015 

Just call me the janitor, 'cause I have hit Broome baby!
  We're as far north now as any trek has ever taken us & needless to say, we're 'Big Kev' excited about it! (Does anyone else unfortunately remember that guy!? Uuurrgh! And to think I've erased so many useful brain cells over the years! Doh!) Now more than half way through the tour, we have commenced the countDOWN, as opposed to the countONWARD (well at least I have, I know Squidlet knows no different and The Squid is 'happy go lucky' each and every… Read more

Bloggity Blog from Western Australia's beautiful Coral Coast! April 2015 

Well, hello again! This time I greet you from WA's amazing coral coast, as I shoo umpteen flies from my personal space (I can't even begin to describe how incredibly thick and sticky these little bastards are! Apparently they have made their home in the region following the last tropical cyclone? And I'm not just being a whinger; seriously, the locals can't even bear the little pricks! Anyone seen NOT wearing a fly net over their face is affectionately known as a 'fucktard' - and yes, that was me until…Read more

BLOGGITY BLOG BLOG BLOG - from South Australia! March 2015 

Hi folks!
I figured it was about time I checked in, so here I am, sitting (indoors, 'cause fuck it's windy in the caravanning world today!) on my lapdance - I mean laptop - blogging away! So far, we have enjoyed a fun-filled fortnight of touring. We've driven a handful of miles (well, the meager distance to date will seem like only a handful l'm sure, by the time we're done with this road trip!), played a couple of shows to balance ourselves with reality and to keep the bank manager happy and we've met some…Read more

"Start Ya Bastard!" OUTBACK TOUR 2015 

Well, hello there! Wondering what's happening in my crazy world are ya?
The answer is PLENTY! It's once again time for me to hit the road and all I have to say about it is - F**k yeah!

From March through July 2015, I'll be trekking my way through this beautiful country's rugged outback and even some amazing WA coastline too! The route will see me and my beloved close-knit crew take the increasingly popular 'Start Ya Bastard' live show from South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, across the Nullarbor Plain (Again!
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